Check it out if ya like! :)

I've got a new cartoon out everyone!

As for next projects, I've come up with some preeetty interesting ideas, so I'm excited for the future!

'GTA For Kids' Removed

2014-01-03 00:51:46 by Esquirebob

So I had to remove 'Gta For Kids'.  There was a slight miscommunication between I and the youtube channel it was commissioned for, so it's offline for now.  It'll return a bit later, I just have to give it a little more breathing room on youtube first, so hold tight!  Sorry about any confusion or worry!

Support me on Patreon!

2013-11-05 13:38:22 by Esquirebob

I have a Patreon video! And it has me, in 3d! (what was I before?) Give it a watch, and if you feel up to it, help support me! :)

Support me on Patreon!

Happy Halloween!

2013-10-31 16:33:09 by Esquirebob

Happy Halloween everyone! Wanted to give you all a heads up about my current videos. Basically, one animation is finished, but since it's off channel, it's up to them as to when it gets posted (most I can say is SOON). I've also been working on a smaller animation that will be up some time next week (this one will probably be only youtube, as its more an update video then anything). Thank you all for sticking with me! It's all gonna keep getting better from here! :)

ALSO, you can always follow me on facebook and twitter (and youtube), where I sometimes post behind-the-scenes stuff (I did one just today)!




Robot Day!

2013-07-11 01:02:35 by Esquirebob

I was probably supposed to make this post before the end of the day haha. But what a day it's been. Super cool to see all the different robot-themed submissions, lotta good stuff! And of course, hopefully you all had been able to check out my submission!


2013-05-07 14:39:46 by Esquirebob

Hey everyone. I'm Esquirebob, and I like to do 3d animations. Until now I had just been posting on youtube, but wanted to share my work with the newgrounds community as well. I used to come here everyday about 6-7 years ago, but have since been away for a while. Now I'm back though, and hope to start being active again!

Just as a heads up as well, here's my youtube page where you can see more animations (which will be periodically posted here as well): s