Robot Day!

2013-07-11 01:02:35 by Esquirebob

I was probably supposed to make this post before the end of the day haha. But what a day it's been. Super cool to see all the different robot-themed submissions, lotta good stuff! And of course, hopefully you all had been able to check out my submission!


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2013-07-11 07:32:02

Will there be another mega man animation?

Esquirebob responds:

Haha only time will tell :)


2013-07-19 18:53:46

I enjoy watching your Game Grumps animations, and I really want to see more of it.


2013-10-17 14:32:28

I really enjoyed your Pokemon animation! I'm sharing it on my public Twitter account and private Facebook so my friends can see. I also enjoyed Shadow of the Calluses too! Way to go, I look forward to whatever you have coming up next. :D

Esquirebob responds:

Thanks a bunch! Any and all exposure is super appreciated :)