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'GTA For Kids' Removed

1/3/14 by Esquirebob

So I had to remove 'Gta For Kids'.  There was a slight miscommunication between I and the youtube channel it was commissioned for, so it's offline for now.  It'll return a bit later, I just have to give it a little more breathing room on youtube first, so hold tight!  Sorry about any confusion or worry!


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I was wondering what happened I watched it and lol loved it went to watch it again and poof it was gone.

God damn it youtube. :l



Dammit I was gonna review it today!

Damn you, YouTube!

Curse you nachopunch! haha.



I surely hope you PM'd Tom about this. It's really unfortunate that there is a dead end link on the frontpage right now. He will also be able to answer your questions regarding "restoring" the project.

1/3/14 Esquirebob responds:

Ah, I'll do that, good call!

is good movie!



Oh. Well, no worries then. Hopefully this kind of thing won't happen in the future.

I liked that flash well hope to get to see it again

How many views did it get before you yanked it? Hope the client wasn't too peeved. I always wonder about the score of work that's been taken down, then put under judgement again. Do the scores improve, are the views less (since the regulars have seen it before)...?

1/3/14 Esquirebob responds:

I think it was around 70k on here, though it's not monetized so it's not too big an issue. As for reuploading, I'm not entitely sure how it works but I think I can simply 'restore' it and it'll keep existing as it had before, so no going through the portal again (I assume).



I can wait, a few days.
I'm just kidding i can wait as long as it takes.

I wondered what happened to it...